Professional Vessel Management

The Efficient Sea iPad app is specifically designed for the professional management of super yachts or any larger seagoing vessel.
It serves as an invaluable, at-hand resource for all documentation and relevant maritime statutory codes for captains or crew.
A fast, effective and paperless tool to complete official, legislative or company reporting requirements with traceable archiving and exporting.
There’s everything you need to manage and support your ISM, MLC compliance, including safety management system, chartering, crew management, accounting, bridge resources, captains resources, engineering maintenance, life saving appliances and shipyard needs.
Designed by an experienced super yacht captain this app makes every document, code and form readily available on your iPad, where they can be completed, signed and emailed without the need for hard copies, files or scans.
The Efficient Sea iPad app is a cloud based program that safely stores all data for instant retrieval, even between subscription periods. It also has excellent security provisions, restricting access to only nominated users that you authorise.

About our app

The Efficient Sea iPad app has everything you need to professionally manage your vessel, but what sets it apart from similar products are it's fees and flexibility.

Flexible as to how many forms, templates and logs you need and the ability to manage and monitor multiple vessels from a single iPad.

Our flexible subscriptions rates allow you to only pay for what your specific requirements are and the also the ability to pause your subscritpion when your vessel is not in use.

With a compendium of forms, checklists, spreadsheets and documents it provides a professional management system for any commercial, or private motor, vessel or super yacht.

All forms and documents are pre-loaded and ready to go which eliminates the need for a management company with large monthly fees.

It can intergrate simply to compliment existing systems, or used to establish a full compliment of documents for an individual vessel or fleet.

The Effcient Sea App intergrates seamlessly with Google Sheets, which allows you to create spreadsheets customised to your specific requirements and keep them stored within the program.

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Searching for a better vessel management system?

The day to day drag on captains, officers & engineers to print a form in the bridge, take it to the job site, complete in pen, go back to the bridge, scan, file a digital copy, file a paper copy and then email to the respective authority has but all been removed from the equation with the Efficient Sea App.

It can take you less than one minute to complete a departure or drill report. The report can be completed instantly, on-site with you iPad, use the 'Tap to Sign' facility and email to relevant authority directly from the App. Job sorted.

The ISM function of the Efficient Sea app is a great system to put in place. It serves as a back up for the Captain to document that checks have been completed and all procedures and drills have been undertaken and logged. This is part of mandatory reporting duties and a protection in event of an audit, port or state inspection, insurance claim or proof of your compliance with company directions. This will cover you, the captain, manager and the owner.

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