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Frequently asked questions

Our list of faq's below is a handy troubleshooting guide for any issues you may have setting up or using the Efficient Sea App.

If you don't find your query listed below, drop us a line and we'll be only to please to assist.

This app has been designed to work on an iPad, so it will not work on a desktop computer system. However, it can be downloaded to any computer that is linked to your iPad.

You need to open the app on an iPad. It will be found in your App Store under 'Purchased' tab. Tap on icon and a welcome screen will appear with a button 'Open'.This will then open the app and display full options.

When the program opens you will see a blue, left hand column menu with a range of options. As each of these are selected the main window refreshes with a selection of forms and templates relevant to that menu option. Select what forms and templates you require from this main panel list. You will then be asked to choose a subscription option. Once the subscription process has been completed the chosen templates wiil be loaded into that menu option.

Once installed, select from the the blue, left hand column menu item 'Crew'. This will display all currently listed crew members. More crew can be added using the PLUS sign top right screen.

The Efficient Sea App is designed for use on iPad and will not function correctly on any other device with smaller screens.

Your data is secured for up to one year, at which time you will be sent a reminder asking if you wish to continue with a future subscription. If no response the data will be reomeved from the cloud.

The Efficient Sea App will work OK offline and automatically sync back with your cloud files when you next connect to the internet.

The program and your data is safely stored on our cloud. You can log into your app from any iPad and continue service.