Flexible subscriptions

Try it for a month and see yourself how the Efficient Sea App creates a fantastic new way to professionally manage your vessel and crew.

Should you not need the app for a period of time, say if the boat is hauled out on the hard stand or you’re in winter mode, then you simply stop subscribing.

When the time comes to resume operating again, you can easily log in and start a new subscription period. All your previous documents and data are securily stored on the cloud and nothing is lost.

"This will cover you the captain, manager and the owner."

Only what you need , only when you need it.

The flexible subscriptions offers one month, three month, six month and yearly packages.

The Efficient Sea App has six separate sections so you can tailor your system as well as your subscription.

You only pay for what you need and when you need it.

Below are prices to subscribe to one of the six sections for desired time period. When you need another section simply add your new subscribtion to your existing account.

Our rates are progressivley discounted, meaning the more you subscribe the cheaper the service becomes.

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One Month

  • $139.99 AUD
  • $89.99 USD
  • $69.99 GBP
  • $89.99 EURO

Three Month

  • $379.99 AUD
  • $239.99 USD
  • $189.99 GBP
  • $239.99 EURO

Six Month

  • $799.99 AUD
  • $499.99 USD
  • $399.99 GBP
  • $499.99 EURO

Twelve Month

  • $1,599.99 AUD
  • $999.99 USD
  • $749.99 GBP
  • $999.99 EURO